Jane Carter, LPC

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Sometimes the  only nudge you need to start moving toward a fuller, more meaningful life is someone to tell  your story to: Someone who will listen, provide both support and  challenge, collaborate with you, give insight, and encourage you along  the way.


Whether it's dealing with specific struggles, strengthening relationships, pursuing life dreams, or wrestling with the spiritual issues that arise in the midst of these objectives, counseling is a courageous first step towards pursuing a more vibrant life. Come, tell me your story.



Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul. –Thomas Merton



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Life, Starring You.

The Holiday is a movie I've often criticized for being formulaic and too much of a classic "chick flick" (that, plus I often want to thump Cameron Diaz's character on the forehead).  I love this scene, though. And I love Kate Winslet.  And I love this quote: "You-- I can tell-- are a Leading Lady. But for some reason, you're behaving like the Best Friend!"  (The male counterpart is in the movie Swingers: "You're so %$&* money and you don't even know it. It's like you've got these claws, and these fangs, and you're like, 'how am I gonna kill this bunny?'" Great scene. -But I digress).

This Valentine's Day, check in with yourself: in your relationship --or the relationship you want to be in-- are you being the Leading Lady (or Leading Man), or are you being the Best Friend? What would you differently if you were the Leading Lady? What's stopping you?

But what if there isn't a romance to pursue or get over or improve? -Sometimes not only is there not a relationship happening, but there don't seem to be potential relationships on the horizon. So do you stay home, eating a chicken pot pie and watching chick flicks (like The Holiday)? Or... Ask yourself: How does a Leading Lady (or man) do singleness? How do they feel about themselves between relationships? What's their background music when they strut (yes, leading Ladies/Men strut) down the street, down the hall, etc.? How often do they wear sweatpants? What do they wear instead?

Try playing the lead in your own movie today-- the movie you want to be in, whether you're "there" or not. Listen to your theme song, dress the part. Life can be romantic regardless of the circumstances. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day.