Jane Carter, LPC

Counseling * EMDR

Sometimes the  only nudge you need to start moving toward a fuller, more meaningful life is someone to tell  your story to: Someone who will listen, provide both support and  challenge, collaborate with you, give insight, and encourage you along  the way.


Whether it's dealing with specific struggles, strengthening relationships, pursuing life dreams, or wrestling with the spiritual issues that arise in the midst of these objectives, counseling is a courageous first step towards pursuing a more vibrant life. Come, tell me your story.



Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul. –Thomas Merton



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Why counseling?

As a counselor, I've helped hundreds of people navigate a variety of issues, including:
     *Stress & Anxiety (such as frequent worrying, difficulty relaxing or sleeping)
     *Low Self-Esteem (frequently putting self down or comparing to others)
     *Relationship Skills (healthy communication and boundaries)
     *Life Transitions (even positive changes can bring up stress & loss)
     *Grief & Loss (death of a loved one, breakup, past trauma, other loss)
     *Spiritual impact of these concerns (life struggles can affect our feelings about God)

The areas of pain and struggle in our lives can make it difficult to just be, to enjoy the present fully. Additionally, our increasingly fast-paced, tech-based society has multiplied the demands on our time and attention, which can have a fragmenting effect on our relationships with self, others and God. Counseling can be a place to "gather oneself", to tackle whatever issues you are facing, and in gaining insight and healing, to feel alive and connected in the current moment.

"It is that life itself, fully awake, fully aware that it is alive. It is a life grounded in radical amazement, steeped in wonder, and full of awe, immersed as it is in mystery and engaged in…above all, the loving awareness of God." -Father William McNamara


I have been in the counseling field for seventeen years, including work with individuals, couples, and groups, as well as doing wilderness therapy.  I also enjoy teaching workshops and writing articles related to personal growth. I have a Masters Degree in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University, and I am licensed by the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (License #4559). I was Director of Counseling at Montreat College for nine years, while also working in private practice with a variety of age groups and backgrounds. I have also served as a counselor at Western Carolina University Graduate Programs, Mars Hill College, Four Circles Recovery Center,  and at the Vanderbilt University Counseling & Psychological Center.

*Hugo, the therapy-dog in training:  

I frequently bring my dog Hugo (short for "Huguenot") with me to sessions, as I train him to be a therapy dog. Hugo is sweet and cuddly, and many people enjoy his company. If, however, you are allergic or uncomfortable with dogs, please let me know and I will make sure to leave Hugo at home to play in the yard.

Philosophy & Approach

I believe that we humans are incredible, beautifully-designed, resilient beings. While much of my counseling philosophy stems from belief that we are shaped by -and can shape- our story, I am also aware that even subtle shifts in our ways of behaving and thinking can profoundly impact our lives and relationships. I am also fascinated by the intersection of neuroscience and spirituality, and the ways that current brain research is confirming the benefits of spiritual practices such as mindfulness/contemplation, authenticity in relationships, and sharing each others' stories.

My approach to therapy is basically collaborative and holistic: we will discuss your goals together, and examine the impact on your mind, body, work, spiritual life, relationships, and any other areas that are important to you. Primarily, I listen and I care. I strive to provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space where people can tell their stories, identify their strengths, and work toward being more authentic and successful in their lives.

*I work with people of all backgrounds. While my personal faith & theology (based in the Christian contemplative tradition) inform my overall approach towards others, I let the client set the tone for how much they want counseling to be a context for spiritual wrestling & growth.

*I also utilize EMDR therapy. For more information, click the "EMDR" link above or here: http://janecartercounseling.net/emdr-therapy/


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